20th Annual Wilderness 101
Coburn, PA - Saturday July 24th 2021

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Thanks so much to everyone for the amazing support! Yoda - you will be dearly missed by all.
Glover Family, Mike Cerenzia, Rich & the Stans Crew, Karin & Kelsi, Ben Martin, Evan Gross, Paul John & Becky and my mom and dad. - THANKS!

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Wilderness 101 - My big day in the park! - by Gerard Arantowicz

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2015 Course Map

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The 2012 RACE BRIEF - read this to better understand the event
2012 Results

11th Annual - Wilderness 101 was Saturday July 30th, 2011
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10th Annual - Wilderness 101 went down Saturday July 31st, 2010
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2006 Results -- Tandem - Women - Men (overall only)

Cash Payout Breakdown for 101 mile distance:
Top 5 Men Overall: 1st-$400, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$250, 4th-$200, 5th-$150
Top 5 Women Overall: 1st-$400, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$250, 4th-$200, 5th-$150
For NUE ULTRA - Marathon
Men and Women OVERALL: 1st - $250, 2nd - $200, 3rd - $150
*Prizes will be awarded to all other categories atleast 5 deep...

Sponsors of the 2019
Wilderness 101
Freeze Thaw Cycles
in State College
The Bicycle Shop
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Hammer Nutrition

2017 Winners
2016 Winners - Brian Schworm (M)
2015 Winners -
2014 Winners - Jeremiah Bishop(M) - Missy Nash(W) - Gordon Wadsworth(SS) - Jim Matthews (Master)
2013 Winners - Christian Tanguy(M) - Vicki Barclay(F) - Gerry Pflugh(SS) - Jukka Jokela(Master) - Rich Straub(Cdale)
2012 Winners - Jeremiah Bishop(M) - Cheryl Sornson(F) - Patrick Blair(SS) - Roger Masse(M) - Rich Straub(Cdale)
2011 Winners - Jeff Schalk - Vicki Barclay
2010 Winners - Jeff Schalk - Cheryl Sornson(F) - Bill Nagel - (M) - Justin Pokrivka(SS) - David Cook (Cdale)
2009 Winners - Jeff Schalk - Pua Sawicki (F) - Bill Nagel (M) - Andrea Slack (MW) - Gerry Pflug (SS) - Douglas Pepelko (Cdale)
2008 Winners - Jeff Schalk - Cheryl Sornson (F) - Scott Root (M) - John "Fuzzy" Mylne (SS) - Steve Blackman (Cdale)
2007 Winners - Jeremiah Bishop - Betsy Shogren (F) - John Majors (M) - Wes Schempf (SS) - Rebecca Tomaszewski (SS - W)
2006 Winners - Harlan Price - Betsy Shogren (F)- John Majors (M)- Greg Montello (SS)- Tiffany Mann (SS-W)
2005 Winners - Chris Eatough - Tiffany Mann with Skip Brown on singlespeed
2004 Winners - Chris Eatough - Tiffany Mann with Danny Brennan on the singlespeed
2003 Winners were Chris Eatough - Lee Schwarz with Mark Elsasser on the singlespeed

2002 Winners were Mike Keefer and Tiffany Mann (Independent Fabrications)
2001 Winners were Sue George of Charlottesville, VA
and Jay Duffy (Speedgoat) of Michaux, PA!

2005 Wilderness 101
---- Everybody rocked the course!!----
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2004 Results
2004 story and photos mountainbikeracer.com

Wilderness 101 Backcountry Mountain Bike Race

State College, PA

The Wilderness 101 is Back!

An East Coast Original that ran 1991, 92 and 93.

Racer Check in Friday 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Coburn Park.
The race starts at 7:00 am on Saturday morning.

Bring enough water to start the race with (1 gallon)
Camping is allowed at the park on Friday and Saturday nights

The Wilderness 101 is an ultra endurance 101 mile backcountry mountain bike race. The 101 set the standard on the east coast in the early 90's and now it is back. The course is one super big loop composed of some of the best off-road riding central PA has to offer in the Rothrock and Bald Eagle State Forests just outside of State College home of the Penn State Nittany Lions. Singletrack uphills and downhills, doubletrack ridge riding, fire road climbs and a bit of pavement totaling 10,000 ft of climbing. The 2015 course will be different from the old events of the 90's. The new course will have more challenging trails so leave your cross bikes at home. There will be 5 aid stations complete with food, beverages, and support. We have a drop system organized so you can arrange to have supplies (lights, gear, food, etc.) left at the aid stations. Racers are limited to 2- 1 gallon zip lock bags for the drops which we will provide. We are not responsible for missing items. The course will be marked and marshaled. Early registration fee of $140 includes a post race barbecue, a T-shirt, and 5 fully stocked aid stations.. We reserve the right to alter or postpone the event. Classes are simple- Men and Women. (18 and over only) This is an ultra endurance event, participants should be of strong body and mind and prepared for a long day of incredible mountain biking.

We put the race on in a very similar fashion to that of the Shenandoah Mountain 100. The events will be a little bit different because we will not have the luxury of a 3 day weekend for the Wilderness 101. So to maximize the 2 days at our disposal we will have rider check in Friday evening with the race starting Saturday morning at 7:00 am. There will be a post race barbecue on Saturday afternoon that will rage on into the evening as riders finish. We will not be offering a pre- race meal like we do at the Shenandoah Mountain 100 we hope you can support the local communities on your way to the race site and grab some tasty grub. The Community of Coburn is letting us use their park for the weekend. They have not let people stay overnight in the past so we want to be considerate to the community so we can continue to use the park again. The main reason we are not having the pre race dinner is to keep the commotion to a minimum on Friday night. We will have Don's John's and a home made shower system set up for you at the park. We hope to offer the same great time you have come to expect with one of our events!!! See Ya There!!!!Not up for racing but you want to check out the event? Come out and volunteer. It will get you some great food and beverage with a commemorative pint glass.

The Wilderness 101 was put on by Jim Bryant a proud member of the Millheim, PA community and Randy Moore who single-handedly invented Mountain Bikes in State College, PA. The event was run in conjunction with the already popular Coburn XC races. The event was a huge success because of the magic those gentleman were able to work; Jim with his community wide connections, and Randy with the industry specific connections. Over the winter I talked with Jim and Randy about continuing the event and they were both excited to hear that is was going to happen again. The Nittany Mountain Bike Association is on board to assist in with course preparation for the event.