2012 Wilderness 101 Race Brief - Shenandoah Mountain Touring

From Wilderness 101 - 2011

Thank you for registering for the Wilderness 101 on Saturday July 28- this SATURDAY! It is the 7th stop of 12 in the NUE MTB Series

Please note that the section of trail through the tunnel and across the narrow wooden bridge 1 mile from the finish has been posted "no trespassing" and closed to all users but those registered for our event. It is private property and the land owner is fed up with disrespectful folks crossing his land. He has felled some trees that we will creatively get around during the event. Please thank him allowing us to pass along the section of rail grade that he owns. His name is Tim. If you head out that way to pre-ride on Friday please be courteous.

Check out the 2012 course map (same as 2011) from Raymond Crew. A reminder of the few changes from 2010 are. A different drop bag procedure. Riders are still allowed 2 drop bags. A drop bag is a 1 gallon ziplock bag that we provide that must be sealed closed. We have eliminated the option to transport your bag from Station #2 to #4,which allowed you to access one of your bags twice. You must restrategize your drop bag placement. The course is slightly quicker this year making this option not possible.

The course changes begin at the top of the 2nd huge climb after aid station #2 up Seeger Rd. onto Broad Mountain. This year you will keep going up that road and eventually hit aid station #3 further up on top of the mountain. In the past you would drop down Telephone Trail and traverse into #3. There is also a slightly different connection to the singletrack after leaving #3. Riders will not be dropping off the mountain to the right (used to be down into #3) at all. The route will be taking a left into singletrack just past the road (Kettle Rd.) you used to turn left on at the top above station #3. In past years you would hit Sassafras trail directly from Kettle Road. This year you will get some bonus singletrack by turning in on Pigpile and sweeping left on Sassypig to connect to the top of the original downhill "Sassafrass".

The next change is after Aid Station #4's initial climb and the regular section of Sand Mountain Road. You will proceed with your normal right turn on Siegerville Millheim Pike passing the old turn onto Little Poe Trail. This year you will continue your climb to the top of Siegerville Millheim Pike which is an additional 15/25 minutes of climbing. You will not be doing that cool singletrack "Little Poe Trail" because it has been deemed "single use - hiking only" and they don't want to make a special exception as they have been doing for us for the last 10 years. When you top out on SMPike you will roll about 1/2 mile along the top and take a left on a loose rocky road - Panther Run Road. That is the road you use to end up on at the end of Little Poe Trail. From here you will continue in the normal direction onto Poe Valley Rd. into aid station #5.

The community of Coburn has graciously opened up their community park for us to camp in Friday and Saturday night. Camping is first come first serve so please squeeze in tight (tent camping with your car / No RV's this year, and No Generators) and -- No OPEN FIRES!!-- Also for 2012 - please don't access the stream where we have it marked off with Yellow TREK event tape.

If you need any bicycle related stuff on your way through State College make a pit stop at Freeze Thaw or The Bicycle Shop. If you're looking for some good food and beer on Friday night before the event stop by Elk Creek Café and Aleworks for some tasty dinner. They are 2 miles from the race site in Coburn. You can get a sample of the tasty brew that will be waiting for you at the finish line. It will be some great motivation during the event!!!

THE RULE of the event- We can not allow spectators to follow racers from Aid Station to Aid Station. The Department of Forestry has put the kabosh on unneeded vehicular traffic on the roads. They are in the process of reviewing the event for a 5 year permit and they will use the volume of this event as a basis for future restrictions. We need to keep things tight!!! Regardless, there is no room for a huge amount of cars at the Aid Stations. Aid Station #3 is off limits to anyone but registered volunteers. Volunteering is not just sitting in your chair until your special person comes by. Volunteering is assisting all riders through the full shift of the Aid Stations operation. Please contact SMT or volunteer on site with registration, aid station assistance, finish line or food preperation/serving/clean-up.

Other important info - If you drop out please notify the timing staff at the finish line AND the aid station manager with the racer check off list, please watch them mark your name off the list. No Gel packets on the course. Please empty your packets into a Hammer Gel Flask - we really appreciate this! No hydration pack drops can be made for the aid stations. Whatever you wish to have for you at the aid stations MUST fit in the zip lock bags provided to you at check in.

The Men's Open has been super exciting. Series Champion Christian Tanguy (Team CF) has his hands full with a very competitive field. It's going to be very thrilling to watch it unfold!!

There is sooooo much HEAT gunnin' for the top 10. Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing) has been right there all year with Tanguy challenging for the series title. Tanguy will be fending off attacks from some very talented riders other then Carter including Brandon Draugelis (Team CF) along with Michael Simonson (RBS Trek MTB Team), and Rob Spreng (Dirty Harry's), A whole slew of super fast newbies to the event such Justin Lindine (Redline) and Bradley Schmalzer (Team Bikeman.com/XXCMagazine), are heading to the 101 ready for business! How will the old guard Rich O'Neil and Rich Straub of (Stan's NoTubes), along with other long time hot rods Andy Gorski, Garth Prosser (Specialized), Greg Kuhn (RBS Trek MTB Team), Jed Prentice (Bike Docton), Rob Lichtenwalner (NoTubesTSE Epic) and Brian Wilson (Bike Barn Racing). Some of the new fast guys to the NUE scene Stephen Kincaid (Stan'sNoTubes/AXA Equitable), Ian Spivack of (DCMTB), Dylan Johnson (Scott RC), Joe Fish (Design Physics Racing) and Dan Atkins (Race Pace/Trek MTB) hold up against these mainstream NUE podium riders? Will they be able to come alive and ride into the top 10 easily? It will be exciting to see!

The Wilderness doesn't have the amount of single speeders it used top have, but O' lordy... the ones that are riding at super hot and fast! NUE Series leader Gerry Pflug (Salsa/Notubes/Top Gear) will be facing some HUGE competition. Local rider Matthew Ferrari (Freeze Thaw/Hubcap Cycles/StansNoTubes) has yet to take down the Pflugger. Will his time FINALLY come to take the top step. Mike Montalbano (Dark Horse Cycles) is back to the singlespeed after contemplating riding with gears. Justin Pokrivka (Top Gear/Cohen & Assoc.), Jason Pruitt (Peoples Brewing/LAS/ Hodsons Bay/CRC), Hal Batdorf (www.lonewolfcycling.com) and Patrick Blair (Adventure for the Cure) are very ready for party that is the singlespeed podium. Its going to be "guns a blazing!" (again)

The Masters category is always very fast at the Wilderness 101. Roger Masse (Trek) is sooooo ready for a victory. But so is Michael Ramponi who is looking to take it on his singlespeed. Local Jim Matthews (MBR) is sadly out with a last minute injury. Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing) has a very good chance for a victory while Chris Wurster (Independent Fabrication) is focusing on finishing his 10th Wilderness finish. We wish these and the other old men a great day on their bikes!!

On the women's side, local Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw/Hubcap/Stans No Tubes) is hoping to claim her 2nd victory at the 101. Former NUE champ and Wilderness winner Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) is back riding great in 2012. Both Vicki and Cheryl have both suffered serious injuries while riding this year. Is either of them ready to take the win? Can they compete with Karen Potter (MTBRaceNews.com) and Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) are sure to be going head to head all day long with the addition of Kristin Gavin (Team CF)? You can bet Kristin is going to be adding some speed to this event as she can really climb well. It is going to be sooooo exciting to see how the womens race unfolds!!

Racer check in is on Friday July 27th from 4-10 PM at Coburn Park. If you cannot make it during that time please contact us in advance. The race will start at 7:00 am Saturday morning. Food and refreshments immediately following your finish.

Please thank the volunteers every chance you get!! And... If you have a problem or don't have a good time, let Chris Scott know, not the volunteers - nothing is their fault!!!!!

We are limited to a coffee output of 200 cups on Saturday am - we will have just about 300 racers. IF you are serious about your pre-race coffee you should make your own - do the math!!

Saturday July 28th
5:15 AM -- Coburn Park awakes
6:45 AM-- Racer Meeting begins
7:00 AM-- Controlled / Paced Start
9:00 AM- Cannot proceed past Aid Station #1
12:00 PM-- Cannot proceed past Station #2
1:30 PM-- 1st finisher expected
2:30 PM-- Cannot proceed past Station #3
4:30 PM-- Cannot proceed past Station #4
6:00 PM-- Open Men and Women Podium Presentation
6:30 PM -- Cannot proceed past Station #5 without lights
7:30 PM -- Cannot proceed past Station #5
8:00 PM -- Singlespeed-Master-Clydesdale-Awards
--- this equates to an estimated 15 hr finish time cut off --
--- these times may be adjusted based on weather conditions ---

------ GOTTA SAY IT AGAIN ------
Racers can only be supported by other racers or support personal at aid stations. There is no support allowed from non- racers or friends and family jumping from aid station to aid station. This rule is in place to limit potential traffic overload on the Forest system roads. If you would like to support someone you can support everyone!!!

Sign up to Volunteer at Friday evenings check in times (4-10 pm).

***we will have race sponsor - Hammer Gels' "HEED" electrolyte drink mix***
Distances between aid stations -
#1 is 19 miles in - water and HEED only (no drop bags)
#2 is 40 miles in - fully stocked + Hammer Gel
#3 is 56 miles in - fully stocked + cold coke
#4 is 70 miles in - fully stocked + Hammer Gel
#5 is 89 miles in - fully stocked + you are sooooooooooo close!
- finish is 12 miles from #5 ending the race at 101 miles!

Fully stocked means....... water, HEED, pbandj sandwiches, many granola/fig type bars, trail mix, Pringles, assorted sweets, fruit and some surprises. You are allowed 2 drop bags which we will supply for you in your racer packet we will also transport them for you to the designated Aid Station. The Aid Station drop off point will be a marked off area behind the larger pavilion. Changed for 2012, station #2 bags will NOT be transported for you to station #4. You must now change your drop bag strategy!!!

What if you leave your drop bag behind after the race?? You can print your address on a mailing label at the finish line and drop that off with $10 per bag and we will mail it back to you -- if you don't do that... thanks for the donation!!!!

The Wilderness 101 is Sponsored by:
Freeze Thaw Cycles
The Bicycle Shop
Stan's NoTubes
Hammer Gel Energy Products
Purple Lizard Maps
Rothrock Outfitters

Squirt Lube
Trek Bicycles
The Nittany Mountain Biking Association
Crank Brothers
Shenandoah Mountain Touring

Be sure to check out the event coverage on www.Cyclingnews.com after the event.

Thanks for racing with us!

The SMT Crew

From Wilderness 101 - 2011