The 2012 season is coming and we are getting out and checking the trails. Soon, we should be seeing the Canadian's showing up. A true sign that the "Season" is on! Our specialty is still Custom Tours. We have laid routes out all over the National Forest for people to ride. The double day - 2 day tours on the Spring Classic routes are gonna be the ticket in 2012. We are capable of having a support truck that sets up camp with a chef cooking meals while we explore the terrain all over the Shenandoah Valley. Let us know how you and your buddies want to create your own special tour vacation!

The George Washington National Forest plays host to all of our bicycle riding dreams... come live the dream for a day with us! - Mark Wimberly on the Great North Mountain Trail riding South from our big Trout Pond loop. - outstanding views in high country up until the early spring in the middle of May!

Fall on the Southern Traverse provides vibrant color from the fall foliage. Spring gives you fresh batches of blooms from Redbuds, Dogwoods, and Mountain Laurel.