5 Aid Stations to Fuel your finish in the 2015 Wilderness 101
This is the deal with the Aid Stations
We aim to have them about 2 hours apart, they are there to help you travel light and fast and will be stocked with racing food including:
Hammer Gel
Energyl Bars and Drinks
Various Tasty Treats
Chain Lube
Presta Tubes
Tire Pumps
Aid Station Drops: each racer is allowed 2 - 1 gallon zip lock bags to go to either of 2 aid stations - including your lights.
Everything must be in the bag- clothes, food, bike parts, light etc. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or missing drop bags.

This is what we are looking at with respect to time limits on the course:
Aid Station 4 - 6:00 PM
Aid Station 5- Need lights if leaving after 7:00 PM cut off 8:00 PM
Lights can be waiting at aid station 5
We are shooting to have racers finishing under the 15 hour mark.
We will have a specific list of what will be at each Aid Station when you check in on Friday


Aid Station Highlights 2015 - expected routine

Station #1 19 miles in - 81 to go o Water or Gatorade only o quick style is to take a bottle and drop a bottle - or stop and fill bladder

Station #2 40 miles in - 60 to go - Hammer Gel - Peanut Butter and Jelly - Water and Gatorade - Snack foods -Pringles, trail mix, granola bars, Fig bars, gummy bears, and some fruit

Station #3 60 miles in - 40 to go - Cold Coke - Peanut Butter and Jelly - Water and Gatorade - Snack foods - Swedish Fish, Fig Bars, and some fruit

Station #4 74 miles in - 26 to go o Hammer Gel - hopefully the redbull truck will show up o Peanut Butter and Jelly o Water and Gatorade o Snack foods -trail mix, granola bars, Fig bars, gummy bears, bananas and apples o Axe murderer lube - for your hair or chain!

Station #5 89 miles in - 12 to go!!!! - Peanut Butter and Jelly - Water and Gatorade - Snack foods - Fig bars, and some fruit. - Lights on by 7:00 PM - Racer cut-off time 8:00.

Aid Stations will have:

A few spare water bottles.
You must give a bottle, to get a bottle.
A few spare tubes.
You must give a tube, to get a tube.
A few spare (used?) tires. You must give a tire, to get a tire.
A pump A medical kit
Many Happy People..... Motivation to keep riding!!!