The Nittany Mountain Bike Association did a great job getting the Stoopid 50 route dialed in. The State College area, specifically the Rothrock State Forest, is well known for having some of the most amazing backcountry riding in Pennsylvania.

Check out some of the super Stoopid pics - Bob Popovich's Gallery, Ben Reeder too some sweet pics too, waiting on a few more cd's to show up. If you shot some pics send SMT the link or email us the pics! - thanks!

The Freeze Thaw Cycles crew scored some tasty beverages from the Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworks, some yummy veggie grub from the Pita Pit, AND staffed the enthusiastic aid station on the course. The Bicycle Shop tossed an equally amazing contribution to the event by bringing on Clem's BBQ and putting course marshal's in all the right spots along the route. It really is a true testament to the local cycling scene to have the club and shops all rise up to support an event that showcases just a sample of the amazing local trails.

Defending Champion Chris Beck gave a tremendous effort trying to bridge up after flatting on Tussey Ridge Trail. The front of the race was rolling sick fast with Eatough nailing the pace on Tussey after Harlan Price pulled the double flip helmet cracking wreck. Price put it in damage control from that point on to hold off Chris Beck at the line. Jeff Schalk took over the lead on the steep and long climb up Thickhead Mountain. Eatough looked to be sitting comfortably 20 seconds behind Schalk for the signature "coopers gap" singletrack section. Schalk put his lead up near the 5 minute mark as he destroyed the last 15 mile section of the route.

Results.... Overall - Men Overall - Men Open - Master - Singlespeed - Women Overall

Advertising...... The Iron Mountain 100 K is set to roll on July 12th, 2009. Check out the map of this amazing ride in Southwest Virginia.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2009 Stoopid 50 such a good time- volunteers, racers, and sponsors!! - Ryan, Cathy, Jimbo, Misty, Eric, Aaron HO!, Karin Randall, Harry, Mike and Jim and the Glover Family, Kevin Bergman, Ray Crew, Joe Gore, Yoda, Jim Matthews, Eric Scott, Allen Runkle, Wertz and his boys for all the wonderful trail that everyone enjoyed soooo much!!! - also the other pre-riders, sweepers, and aid station volunteers that helped for hours!
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