2018 Stokesville-Douthat-Stokesville 3 day Mountain Bike Tours

**Dates TBA**


Some good ol' S-D-S 3 Day Pictures

Its time to ride your mountain bike from Stokesville to Douthat and back over the span of 3 days, on amazing singletrack over 8 huge mountains

The SDS 3 day rides from Stokesville to Douthat and back along an amazing singletrack route in the George Washington National Forest. Bicyclists ride along Shenandoah Mountain on part of the Virginia Mountain Bike Route towards Douthat State Park. The route returns to Stokesville passing through some pristine Roadless Areas along a series of different ridges. Over 150 miles of remote backcountry singletrack with amazing vistas, bright green moss and spring blooms.

Come out and enjoy the amazing secluded stretches of singletrack! Lodging for the two nights will be at Douthat State Park!

Schedules for the Singletrack ADVENTURES

Meeting at Stokesville
Socializing, preparing, and getting excited!

Day 1

Leaving from Stokesville headed towards the end of the Shenandoah Mountain Trail
Stopping at the end to enjoy the relaxing scenery by the Cowpasture River
Shuttling from the river site to Douthat State Park for the evenings lodging

Day 2

Early to rise, singletrack riding outside of Douthat on Little Mare and Middle Mountains.
Rolling back into Douthat for lunch!
Post lunch riding out to Beards Mountain over the swinging bridge and back to the Cowpasture River

Soaking in the day's fun, and then catching a shuttle back to Douthat for the evening!

Day 3

Shuttling from Douthat to North Mountain to climb to Elliott's Knob!
Rolling North Mountain to Crawford Mountain and down the amazing Chimney Hollow trail.
Climbing Dowell's Draft and on back to Stokesville with a huge smile on your face!

**This tour is not for everyone. The route requires a high level of fitness and advanced bike handling skills. Trips work best when clients fill a tour with their friends. Minimum 10/max 15**

Email: shenandoah.mountain.touring@gmail.com

$700 for three amazing days of singletrack mountain biking!

- Price increases on Feb 1st, 2018 to $800 - BOOK IT SOON!

Pictures from the 2011 S-D-S , 2010 S-D-S, and 2009 S-D-S ride!

There are some really good videos on our SMT Facebook fan page too

2018 SDS 3-day: TBA

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