Volunteers are the most important part of our event.

2022 will be another year of awesome Volunteers, thanks in advance everyone!!

We need course marshal's!!

Have you noticed the crew cooking the super tasty meals at the Events???
Mike Carpenters Parents - Barry and Janice did it in 1999 and 2000.
Scott Scudamore and MORE took the helm in 2001 and has done it every year since (Scott raced in 2005)
How about our queens of Registration??Lynn Mitchell, Karin Randall and my mom Judy Scott
My brother Courtney, my sister Beth, and my parents Judy and Courtney and a host of other great folks do a ton behind the scenes to make the event happen.
More thanks must go out to the great people that have made many of the events happen the past 20 years from Jamie Keehner and Mike Carpenters families, the incredible Jen Eigenbrode, Misty Tilson, Thomas and Tim at the Shenandoah Bicycle Co., and all the folks from the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition, MORE, CAMBC and all the racers friends and family's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you all for working so hard, the race couldn't happen without it. I hope everyone that helps out has a great time!!!!!!!!!!
It is a dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you want to help out in any way shape or form drop us an EMAIL and pitch in!!!


Scott Scudamore runs one awesome Pasta Dinnner kitchen (CAMBC/IMBA) Bobby Hill (aka. the Chief).