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Welcome to the Shenandoah Mountain 100


Important information about how the race works:

You will need lights on your bike to pass Aid Station 5 after 4:20 p.m. You must leave at station #5 no later than 6:30 or you will have to be taken to station #6 where you may resume the course. If you withdraw before finishing please let an Aid Station Manager or finish Official know that you are out of the event. Course Marshall's don't count! You will not receive your participation award until you have finished the race or checked in with the proper authorities. Aid Stations will be stocked with Water, Hammer Gel, HEED, sports drinks, cookies, trail mix, Pringles, energy bars, P B & J's, and some fruit. We have a zero tolerance towards gel packets, please empty the contents of any gel you may prefer to use other than Hammer Gel into the Gel Flasks we will provide for you at registration. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some FAQ's to help answer some of the questions you may have!
Email us if you have any other questions!
I am registered for the SM100 this year and I was looking over some of the updates on your web page for the event. I'm a little confused about the Aid Station Description. You mention we are allowed 2 drops. You'll provide the 1 gal. bags. (Correct -2 bags total and we deliver to the stations you choose) Is the intent that we put stuff in the bags and mark it w/our name and the number of the Aid Station we want it at and you get it there? (yes- except you drop it off in a designated area in the staging area the night before) Or, are the Aid Station drops pre-designated. (No-except no drops at #1) You mention that lights are required after Aid Station #5. So, I assume that at least one bag must contain lights and will go to Aid Station #5. Is this correct? (Correct) You state that we might need two lights if we start Aid Station #5 in the dark, please confirm if my understanding is correct. (We need to assume that if you do not leave #5 by 4:30 ish that you may not get off the mountain till dark or about 7:30 because of the speed you have been traveling. A mechanical would definitely put you at #6 after dark. If you don't get to #5 till 7:30 you will kill your lights getting to #6 in the dark and will need another set to get to the finish. If that could be your situation then your drops are both used at #5 and #6- no other drops) Otherwise, you will be providing food and drink at the Aid Stations. The food we should put into the bags might be addtl. gels or other special foods/drinks that we might need, is this correct? (Correct) Will the 9:00 - 11:00 PM Aid station supply drop at the pavilion be the return of our bagged gear from the Aid Stations? (Correct- I will have pickups for #3 and #4 at 6 PM. We will not have supplies from #5 and #6 back to the race start until after all racers have passed the stations-that can take till about 9:00 PM)