The Short but distinguished race history! - this will be updated for the 20th ANNUAL

1999 the labor day weekend race was met by an angry Hurricane Dennis. The Hurricane had already hit the coast earlier in the week and played a stall tactic. It timed it perfectly and just dumped all weekend long. The race was postponed not only for the sake of the trails but for the volunteers. The race was postponed till Oct. 2 and held in conjunction with the Shenandoah Mountain Bike Festival. The weather was fabulous! What a party!

2000 looked to be a bit ugly as the rains came again. The rivers were running high but the trails were looking good so we went with on with the event. Mike Carpenter made a very appropriate last minute modification to the course to avoid the high water which took out a major climb. The modified course was a perfect length and some thought it was even harder than 99, but you can count on the race never being that easy again!

2001 For Those About to Rock We Solute You!
An incredible group of racers yet again - 88% finish rate!!!!

2002 Can anyone remember back that far??

2003 Is this the year they raised the drinking age to 25?

2004 Eatough owned this baby for a few years

2005 Is this the year Bucky killed it on the Singlespeed

2006 The Finals for the Ultra Endurance Series

2007 The year of Floyd and the beginning of the Schalkanator - Sue Haywood destroyed the course record

2008 Eatough brings it home and Cheryl Sorenson crushes the NUE Series